Restore Data from Flash Drive after Format

Flash drive is a small, portable, non volatile data storage device which can be electrically erased and re programmed. They are also known as pen drive, jump drive, thumb drive, solid state drive. Flash drives are mainly used to transfer data from one location to other. Flash drives are more susceptible to data loss. And how to recover data from formatted flash drive is the most question posted by flash drive users on various forums. You may use the flash drive to store important photos, documents, audio and video files but accidentally formatting the drive leads to loss of entire crucial data stored on the flash drive. You can recover mac formatted hard drive data with the help of this tool, for understand go Don’t be panic!!!You can still recover data from formatted flash drive. This is because; formatting process does not erase data permanently from the storage device. It only prepares the storage medium for reuse, but the formatted data remains intact to the memory space even after formatting. That is why you can easily restore data from flash drive after formatting by using reliable tool like flash drive recovery tool.

Some common circumstances under which the flash drive can be formatted are described below in details:

Data loss scenarios:

Malware attack: Malware include worms, virus, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and other malicious programs which corrupt and damage the flash drive data.Since flash drives are used to transfer data from one computer to other they are the easy targets of attackers.When you connect your virus infected flash drive to computer, malware infects the computer and decreases system performance.So sometimes you may go for formatting when you fail to get rid of virus with the help of anti virus program.But formatting not only removes the virus but also erases important flash drive data. How to recover data from formatted flash drive which is already infected is quite difficult task but flash drive recovery tool make it very easy and simple.

Accidental formatting: You may select a flash drive accidentally while on the verge of formatting any other drives of the system leading to severe data loss. At such situation users usually get upset as they don't know how to recover data from formatted flash drive. To restore data from flash drive after format make use of formatted drive recovery tool.

When file system of flash drive becomes RAW: Sometimes, due to improper usage, the file system of the flash drive becomes unrecognized by the operating system.As a result, you will be prompted to format the flash drive in order to use it. In case you do not have backup of data stored in the flash drive, you will have to use flash drive recovery tool to retrieve data from formatted flash drive. So, don't get at such issue just make use of flash drive recovery tool, it will guide you on how to recover data from formatted flash drive.

Data lost due to above scenarios can be easily recovered with the help of formatted flash drive data recovery tool.Flash drive data recovery on USB drive, pen drives, thumb drives are supported.Recovers files from hard drives, flash memory cards, USB drives, iPods etc. Recovered data after format can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, creation date and file type.You can preview recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface prior to data restoration and required file can be easily located with the help of built in “Find tool” of this application.Universal binary application to retrieve data from formatted flash drive as this app is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Because of all these reasons this tool is the one stop solution for those flash drive users who want to know how to recover data from formatted flash drive successfully.

In addition to retrieve data from formatted flash drive, this tool even helps to recover data from flash drives which are affected by any sort of corruptions.Windows flash drive recovery tool can identify and recover up to 300 file types including spread sheets,documents,zip archives zip archives based on their unique signatures. Bad sectors of the drive can be bypassed by creating disk images and later you can recover the data by using these disk images.This tool helps to restore data from formatted memory card, to know about this read here.Data lost due to partitioning errors can be easily recovered.

Steps to recover data from formatted flash drives:

Follow these steps to recover pictures after format

Step 1: Download and install the application from the site to restore data from flash drive after format. After launching the application select “Recover Partitions/Drives”.

Step 2: Select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery” to recover data from formatted volume. A window pops up containing the list of the volumes/drives. Select the drive from which you need to recover data.

Step 3: This application performs rigorous scanning to recover lost data from formatted volume/drive.You can preview the recovered files before saving them.You should purchase the software to save recovered data.

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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Yosemite(10.10) and Mavericks Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users